Jamaica at a Glance Sprachen: English, Patois (frensh Dialect)  Capital: Kingston Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy Head of State: Queen Elisabeth II. Area: 10.991km² Population: 2,8 Mio Populousness: ~ 251/km² Currency: Jamaika-Dollr (JMD) Timezone: CET -6h
Jamaica Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean  Sea The former colony is known for its diverse culture, but  also for their social and economic problems. Location Jamaica is the third largest island in the Greater  Antilles It is located 145 kilometers south of Cuba and  separated by the Jamaica Channel 160 kilometers  west of Hispaniola ( Kiskeya ) with the states Haiti and  the Dominican Republic. The Central American  mainland is 635 miles from the western tip  Klima The climate in Jamaica is tropical, and is dominated  by the northeast trade winds. The temperature differences are small during the year  In Kingston, the average monthly temperature in  January is about 25°C(77°F) and in July abaout 27°C  (80°F), in the central plateau, it is about three degrees lower. Parts of the Blue Mountains are higher than 2000m,  but they are snow-free all year long. There are two   rainy periods, first from May until June and the second  one from September until November. The annual rainfall is regionally varible, whereas more  than 5,000mm of rain is falling in the mountains of the  Northeast, in the vicinity of Kingston, on the  seasonally dry southern coast , the average is about  800mm.   In late summer and early fall storms frequently are  approching across the island. During this time, there is  a great danger of hurricanes. In the year 1951  Hurricane Charlie and 1988 Hurricane Gilbert let to  severe damage.
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